North East Stormy Lake Road Association

2000 Annual Meeting

Bonnie B. Dorothy R. Bonnie A. Peter T. Bernie T. Bill D.

Bev W. Ken M. Lori M. Nola M. Kevin M. Brent D. Steve D.

Held May 21, 2000 at Doris and Brent's home
Meeting opened at 10:05 AM. 


 #1 - Bernie T. Ray T. Peter T.
 #4 - Brent D. Doris R. 
 #5 - Neil & Maria H.
 #7 - Steve D.
 #9 - Kevin & Lori M.
#11 - Ken & Nola M.
#12 - Bonnie B.
#13 - Bruce D.
#14 - Mike B. & Bonnie A.
#16 - Bob M.
#17 - Bill D.
#19 - Beverly W.
#23 - Brian & Laurel H. 
President Kevin M welcomed everyone back for another year as well as new members Steve and Christine D.

Moved by Kevin M / seconded by Bernie T to adopt the financial statement from last year. Carried.

Brent D stated that 21 cottages paid the $110.00 road fees and Cottage 7 did not pay for 1999. Brent will look into the matter. Total income for 1999 was $2374.91 and expenses were $2581.75 leaving a balance as of April 30 of $2071.48. 

Mike B inquired about the funds raised from the fireworks. Kevin M replied that not all the money raised had been spent. Surplus funds will be used towards the BBQ or prizes. 

Moved by Mike B / Laurel H not to give the South Association the $100.00 for road maintenance as the township is now responsible for maintaining the road to the boat launching area. Carried. Bernie T is to confirm with the other association as to what is actually covered by the township.

There was a discussion about continuing FOCA membership. Nola M agreed to look into the benefits and report at a later date. Moved by Kevin M / Nola M to continue FOCA for the year 2000. Carried.

Kevin M stated he had talked to Vince Billings re the need to purchase a culvert for 2000, lower another and remove some problem stones. Budget 3 loads of gravel and 1 tandem mix again this year. Moved by Mike B / Bernie T to pay Vince $750.00 for routine road maintenance again this year. Carried.

Mike B, stated that approx. $44.00 worth of prizes were left over from last years Fishing Derby, which can be used for this year’s Derby or BBQ. This year's event will be held on the civic holiday. In each of the last two years over 200 lbs. of Rock Bass have been cleaned out. Other cottages are reporting catching more sport fish. Any cottages willing to provide prizes or cash should see Mike. Moved by Nola M, that the $100 given for the fishing Derby continue for 2000. Carried. Mike stated that additional funds from other associations would be looked in to.

Nola M and Lori M agreed to handle this year's BBQ, which will be held on August 19, 2000 at Ken and Nola’s Cottage 11. Individual cottages should pay Nola, Lori or Kevin for each family. Ray T is to organize games and activities. Moved by Brent D / Bill D that Nola, Lori and Ray continue with the BBQ for 2000. Carried.

Kevin M stated that the annual road clean up will be on Aug 6, 2000. Meet at 9:00am at Cottage 6 area. The association will provide a case of pop and beer for the workers. Bernie T will pick up.

Kevin M stated 1999 was a mild winter. Seven plows and one wingback were required at a cost of 454.75. 

Brent D stated there is currently $2035.73 invested in a GIC getting 3.65%, which can be cashed at any time and is to be renewed in June. 

Nola M suggested that two persons would be signing the cheques including the Treasurer, President or Road Committee person. Moved by Kevin M / Nola M to make the necessary changes. Carried. Brent agreed to look into it.

Moved by Kevin M / Bernie T to adopt the minutes as per last year’s handout. Carried.

Moved Kevin M / Mike B that Bruce D be the new treasurer. Carried.

Kevin M stated that the road committee members currently include Bernie T, Brent D and Mike B.

Moved by Mike B / Bonnie A to discontinue contribution to the fireworks display. Carried.

Bernie T is to look into organizing a dock sale on the whole lake on Labour Weekend and provide notice of the event. 

New Business:

Brent D stated that Haliburton is adopting a 911-address system. Each cottage needs a sign that is available for $8. Stakes are available for an additional $8 plus taxes. Moved by Mike B / Beverly W that NESLRA pay for signs (but not stakes) out of the GIC funds. Carried.

As both summer and winter fees are now together it is obvious that there will be erosion of surplus funds especially if faced with a harsh winter. Moved by Kevin M / Brent D to keep the road fee’s at $110.00. Carried. Bruce D stated that he will provide a spreadsheet for the last 3 years to show income and expenses.

Discussion about removing the old culverts from Thompson's land. Peter T asked everyone to respect the fact that this is private property and is not to be used as a public dump. Apparently someone dropped off some old carpets there.

Discussion about Stormy Lake web site ( created by Bruce D. Thanks to Bruce's friend Gord G for providing the web space. The site is a good place to post items Wanted and For Sale. We should make sure the site is written on all flyers handed out re association and lake events. 

Moved by Kevin M to close the meeting. Carried.

The meeting closed at 11:25 am.