Stormy Lake (North) Cottager's Association

2000 Annual General Meeting


 Held at Lot 15 on Saturday, 5 August 2000 at 2.00 pm.

President Lorraine welcomed everyone to the meeting, albeit with a disappointing turnout. The Point Road was well represented. Lorraine expressed the Associationís regret on the deaths of Cec O. and Yvonne C. She noted the departure of the Trinz and Ferguson families from the community and welcomed two new families.

Secretaryís Note: A recent letter from Evelyn H. informed me that her husband Don passed away last January. I know you would wish me to add the Associationís regrets to Evelyn also.

Minutes of the 1999 Annual Meeting

Secretary Frank reviewed the Minutes of the 1999 Annual Meeting. Approval of the 1999 Minutes as distributed by mail was moved by Secretary Frank. Approved 


  1. 1) A letter as instructed at the 1999 Annual Meeting was forwarded to MNR. In part this posed the following questions:
  • Who is responsible for the beaver dam and the outflow dam? 
  • What freedom does the association have to affect the volume of water contained in the beaver pond?
  • How can the efforts of an individual/group to arbitrarily change the dam level be controlled? 
  • What is the role and concern of the Ministry in the case described in the letter.
  • MNR responded in a letter of 29 Nov 1999. Key quotations from the letter: 
    "any person...... may damage or destroy a beaver dam in order to protect that personís property; anyone removing beaver dams is responsible for any downstream damage which may occur; any attempt to raise the water level at this site (the outflow dam), without proper authority would be in contravention of the Lakes and Rivers Improvement Act and subject to legal action. 
    We were asked to report any such attempts to MNR." 
    1. 2) A Release from the Ontario Federation of Fishermen and Hunters was received which offered a sign appropriate for the boat launch area to remind boaters and users of the boat launch area to take precautionary actions to prevent the spread of zebra mussels and other invading species. The Executive approved the purchase of the sign at the nominal cost of $12. The sign was displayed at the meeting, approved for posting at the boat launch area. Jim F (lot 19) volunteered to install the sign.
    1. 3) Letters of welcome were sent to the new families including background information on the association and the Minutes of the last Annual Meeting. These were well received. 

    President's Report

  • Lorraine reported that Glamorgan Twp had completed the maintenance of the road to the boat launch, but expected the South Stormy Lake Cottagers Association to make a one-time contribution of $1500 towards the cost of the work for this year and a $400 contribution in subsequent years, this to cover cost of maintenance of that portion of the road which is the responsibility of the cottagers, not the municipality. The South Association requested that the North Association carry a portion of
  • this cost, since the members use the boat launch. A motion to make a one-time contribution of $200 towards the first year levy was approved. The meeting agreed that the levy in subsequent years was justified as a cost to the cottagers who lived on that road but incurred no other cost for its maintenance. 
  • Lorraine commented on the Rock Bass Fishing Derby which closed on August 7. There was general agreement that we should support the effort. A motion to contribute $30 to defray the cost of trophies for the event was approved. Treasurer Bob was asked to prepare a cheque, as in the previous year, and to send this to Secretary Frank for forwarding with an attached letter.
  • Lorraine also reported: that most Lot No. signs, and all the road markers are now installed; those cottagers who have not picked up their sign should contact Vern or Solveg (Lot10).
  • Haliburton County has not made much progress on the 911 emergency system yet.
  • All cottagers are reminded to clear brush which obscures road vision from the road in their immediate area/
  • The practice of washing persons or clothes in the lake is to be strongly is discouraged.
  • The O.P.P. has launched a Cottage Watch program to improve security in cottage country. It was recommended we the secure more information on the possibility of association representatives meeting with O.P.P. program sponsors.
  • We were all reminded of the danger of not providing changes of name, address, and telephone no. or E-Mail address to the association. When a fire alarm was triggered in one of our cottages recently we could not contact the absent owners.

  • Financial Report

    Treasurer Bob was unable to attend the meeting and sent his regrets. Copies of the 1999 Financial Statements and the Financial Plan for 2000 are attached to these Minutes. Please note: some membership dues for 2000 are still outstanding.

    Roads Report

    Ted reported that the roads were in good shape after a mild winter.  The major road work budgeted for 2000 will be done with the Fall maintenance. $3000 was budgeted for this yearís effort, which is one third of the projected necessary work. Ted is working with Treasurer Bob to schedule the funding. Ted also reminded all members that if they wish to establish snowplowing for their cottage driveway and do not have a previous arrangement they should contact Elgin MacDuff.

    Lake Stewardship Report

    Charlotte reported that regular testing of lake water is continuing and water quality is still good. Water clarity was reported to a depth of 19 feet in June, 13 feet in July, and 14 feet in early August. A good comparative record. 

    Reporting on FOCA activity, Charlotte commented that municipalities are becoming more active in respect to septic systems, and that liquid detergents are preferred to powder detergents when processing waste through septic systems. Charlotte had earlier announced she would resign from her position as Lake Steward after several years of service. A motion of thanks for her efforts was unanimously approved. Jim F. was later elected by acclamation as her replacement.

    Other Business


    2001 Association Executive

    President Lorraine had previously indicated her desire to be relieved of her office. The meeting unanimously approved a motion of thanks for her excellent performance as President. Nominations were received for President (Dave - Lot 8), and Lake Steward (Jim Ė lot 19). Others officers agreed to continue to serve. All were then elected by acclamation. It was later determined that appointments
    were for the calendar year; handover to be on January 1, 2001.

                President - Dave (Lot 8)
                Secretary - Frank (Lot 11)
                Treasurer - Bob (Lot 41)
                Roads Superintendent - Ted (Lot 9)
                Lake Steward - Jim (lot 19)
                FOCA Representatives - Dave and Jim 

    2001 Annual Meeting

    Is to be held at 11 a.m. on the Saturday of the August long weekend at Charlotte and Jimís (Lot 7). Dave will lead a team to encourage attendance by phone reminders. Rochelle offered to be one of three on a phone committee. Dave will, no doubt, appreciate other volunteers. 

    Note: the time of the meeting has been changed by the Executive in an effort to improve attendance.

    President Lorraine extended thanks to Rochelle and Daniel for again hosting the Annual Meeting and arranging for the Pot Luck Supper.

    Adjournment at 4 pm. 

    Financial Report 
    as at August 8, 2000


    Total balance forward and revenues to date are $700 below plan for the year as at August 8th. However, dues are still outstanding for eight cottagers.  Generally, one or two cottagers tend to send their cheques at the end of the year and these are deposited the following year.  Provision is included each year for this delay in receipts. The receipt of dues from the remaining six cottagers will bring us in on plan for the year.


    Emergency/Extra Road Repairs

    Provision was made for $2000 in extra road repairs/upgrades in the Y2000 Plan.  This has not been used to date as these extra repairs are planned for the fall.

    Ongoing Road Work

    Expenditures to date at $1385 are substantially less than the $2500 provided for in the Y2000 Plan. This will provide additional funds for ongoing/extra road work later this year, or in subsequent years.

    Snow Plowing

    Expenditures this year for snow plowing at $829.25 were also substantially below the provision of $1500 in the Y2000 plan, and at the low end of the range for a number of years.  Over the last ten years, expenditures for snow plowing have ranged from a minimum of $800 (1995) to a maximum of $1670 (1993), averaging $1300 over the ten years. 

    Other Expenditures

    Expenses for FOCA, office expenses and bank charges are in line with budgeted amounts.

    Summary for Y2000

    With the receipt of the outstanding dues for Y2000, the cash balance at the end of the year is projected to be approximately $5800, before end-of-year road work.  Over the past few years, we have attempted to maintain an end-of-year cash balance of around $2000, in order to provide for snow plowing and other expenses prior to the receipt of the next yearís dues, and to ensure a positive cash balance at all times. With these goals in mind, $3800 will be available for ongoing extra road work during the balance of Y2000. 

    Plan for 2001

    Assuming that the full amount of $3800 is utilized this year for end-of-year road work, and based on averages over the past ten years for ongoing road work ($2200) and snow plowing ($1300), it is recommended that $1500 be set aside as the planned amount for extra road work in Y2001.  This amount will provide for a year end balance of $2000 in 2001.  It is also recommended that this provision be
    reviewed and finalized at the annual meeting in 2001, as the snow plowing and spring road repair expenses will be known at that time.

    Bob O, Treasurer
    8 August 2000