North East Stormy Lake Road Association

2001 Annual Meeting

Held May 20, 2001 at Bruce and Deb's cottage
Meeting opened at 10:08 am 


 #1 - Bernie T, Ray T & Peter T
 #4 - Brent D & Doris R 
 #6 - Craig H
 #8 - Mike & Margaret S
 #9 - Kevin & Lori M
#11 - Nola M
#12 - Bonnie B
#13 - Bruce D & Deb S
#14 - Mike B & Bonnie A
#17 - Bill D
#18 - Del G
#19 - Beverly W
#23 - Laurel H
10:12 am: President Kevin M welcomed everyone then reviewed the minutes of last year's meeting. Moved by Mike B / seconded by Nola M to approve the minutes with no amendments. Carried.

10:15 am: Treasurer Bruce D reviewed the 2000-2001 Receipts & Expenditures Statement noting expenditures exceeded receipts by $373.82. Current account balance is $337.27 and the emergency GIC is $2000.00. Moved by Beverly W / seconded by Brent D to accept the treasurer's report as presented. Carried.

10:20 am: Treasurer reviewed the historical “double entry” spread sheet that categorizes all financial transactions since 1994 with annual totals for G&A Expenses, Summer Fees, Summer Maintenance, Winter Fees, Winter Expenses, Emergency Account, GICs and Other Revenue, all reconciled to bank statements. Printed and electronic copies are available for the asking.

10:30 am: Brent D pointed out that the 911 emergency number system is stalled. When it is implemented the county will be paying for the signs which we had budgeted for last year. 

10:33 am: A discussion of winter snow removal resulted in a request for more passing areas. Next winter four or five areas will be marked so the plow operators know where they can plow wide enough for a car to pull over while being passed. 

10:38 am: A discussion of current road maintenance issues covered lowering of Culvert 7, ditching and culvert at swamp corner, signs at dangerous spots, and three or four loads of gravel. Ultimately the road committee comprising Brent, Bernie, Bruce and Kevin in discussion with the contractor Vince Billings will decide the specifics. 

Road Clean Up Day will be held Sunday August 5. Bring tools and meet at the winter parking area at 9:00 am. There is a $40 budget for refreshments.
10:57 am: A discussion of the county takeover of the South Road to the public boat launch revealed that the South Road Association is still obligated to pay $400 to the county per year for maintenance. Moved by Nola M / Bonnie B to pay $50 to the South Road Association yearly as our contribution to the maintenance. Carried.

11:08 am: There was a brief discussion about continuing FOCA membership with reference to the Membership Benefits information distributed with the Agenda. Moved by Peter T / Bernie T to continue FOCA membership for the year 2001. Carried.

11:09 am: Road Fee discussion resulted in Kevin M volunteering to phone the the owners of undeveloped Lot #3 re payment of their annual fees going forward. Further discussion concluded that the current $110 fee level will not cover all summer and winter expenditures, however the $2,000 emergency GIC is more than adequate and should be reduced. Moved by Bonnie A / Craig H to keep the road fee at $110 for this year. Carried. Moved by Craig H / Bernie T that the Emergency GIC be used to make up future shortfalls until it is reduced to $1,000. Carried.

11:30 am: Bernie T volunteered to stand for President for the next two years (without bank signing authority) and was elected by acclamation.

11:44 am: A Dam Committee was formed to discuss dam maintenance with other interested parties on the lake. Committee members include Brent D, Brian H, Bernie T, Kevin M and Andrew B. 

11:51 am: Annual Barbecue was scheduled for Saturday August 11, 2001 at Doris & Brent’s (CHANGED TO BERNIE & IRENE'S AT #1). Theme “Dumb Hats”. Food Committee Lori M and Bonnie B. Games Committee Ray T, Michelle M. Clean Up Committee Peter T and Craig H.

11:57 am: FOCA Literature & Issues were briefly discussed including zebra mussels, spiny water flea, tadpoles, water testing. 

12:09 pm: The Internet. A pole revealed that only one cottager at the meeting does not have access to the internet. Bruce D reviewed recent updates to the Stormy Lake web site he developed. The domain name “” was obtained last November at a cost of  $53.50 per year. When you type you are redirected to 15 Mb of free web space provided by The space is free but the redirection costs $53.50 per year. Bruce has paid these costs to date and requested contributions from those who appreciate the site to offset his out of pocket expenses.

12:15 pm: Our new Municipality is implementing “Tipping Fees” effective July 1, 2001. It was decided to write a letter requesting details and stating several objections.

12:20 pm: Brief discussion of Glamorgan Police Support Association and the request by the Wilberforce & Area Volunteer Police Association to consolidate, as have the townships.

12:22 pm: Ray T stated that he and Mike B would like more help in the organization of what has become the annual Stormy Lake Rock Bass Tournament. Also prize donations are appreciated. It was stated that over $500 worth of prizes were given out last year. The Treasurer noted that the $100 allocated for last year was not used. This year's event will be held on the civic holiday weekend, same schedule as last year with weigh in 10:00 am Monday at the public boat launch.

12:25 pm: Brief discussion regarding the public boat launch – rocks should be moved, not steep enough…. 

The meeting closed at 12:30 pm.

Please drop off your fee payment before Canada Day to Bruce at Cottage #13 or to Brent at Cottage #4.

Have a great summer