Stormy Lake (North) Cottager's Association

2001 Annual General Meeting

President Dave (lot 8) welcomed all members. 

A Minute of Silence was held in recognition of the passing of Rochelle (lot 15), a good neighbour and an active association member.

There were 32 persons in attendance, representing 20 of 42 cottages. The eastern end, Lots 30 to 44, was under-represented.

Minutes of the 2000 Annual Meeting Approved as distributed by mail in 2000 on the motion of Frank (lot 11)/Ted (lot 9). Carried.


A letter from Senator Mira Spivak was deferred for action under New Business.

Pres. Dave referred to a letter sent to all cottagers from the (new) township of Highlands East, which outlined changes in waste management practice in the township. Note: the Dump for other than household waste is now the Monmouth Twp. Dump located on Cty. Rd. 503 two kilometers east of Tory Hill, that is, another 15 kilometers to drive from the Gooderham Dump. (Secr.)

A letter from Haliburton County invited participation in a seminar August 21st. on the topic of Economic Diversification. Solvig (Lot 1) offered to attend if she could make the necessary arrangements.

Treasurer's Report:

Bob (lot 41) reported a current cash balance of $3,154, sufficient to meet the Fall and Winter expense. With no Fall roadwork done in 2000, planned and emergency roadwork expenditure was $4,840 from January 1 through August 1, 2001.

More than usual snowplowing in Winter 2000/1 required expense of $2,038, a new high in that expense. The current level of member-ship dues ($135) has allowed us to sustain this level of expenditure.

The report was approved.

Road Supervisor's Report:

Ted (lot 9) reported that heavy snowfall and a late thaw left substantial road damage in Spring 2001.

In addition, scheduled Fall roadwork was not completed then, presenting a major Spring challenge to keep the road open and to improve the storm run-off situation. This has required grading, culvert re-work, mechanical digging and intermittent rock blasting to complete the maintenance and planned improvements. The cost has been high. Some blasting remains to be done. Ted will determine a Fall work schedule based on the available budget money and the results of the storm runoff work already completed. Approved: Ted (lot 9)/Jim (Lot 7) Carried.

Ted then reported that logger Derek had requested use of the road to move logs out of his adjacent logging area. Ted had stipulated an initial fee of $200 for the use of the road, plus the logger's written acceptance of liability for road damage caused by his trucks. In the event, there was no logging done in Winter 2000/1.

Ann (Lot 6) expressed concern on MacDuff’s practice of pushing snow, during the plowing of the Point Road, onto the land to the right of the rise from the lowest culvert on that road. Such accumulations of snow survive late in the Spring at that location, and when they do thaw, have washed out the entrance to Lot 6 on several occasions. They were faced with major expense for this reason in Spring 2001. Ann requested change in this practice.

Lake Steward's Report:

Jim (lot 41) reported the results of dip tests (of lake water quality) as five and one half feet visibility, much the same as last year. Final comparative data for the 2000 testing has not yet been received from FOCA. Other recent tests showed a good level of life forms active at ten foot depth.

Maximum lake depth was 85 feet, with excellent and strong spring sources.

There was discussion of the threat of zebra mussels and of water fleas. Klaus (lot ?) reported the incidence of a soap-like foam on the lake, rising to a height of 18 inches; this was said to be "a natural phenomenon" in the Haliburton Echo. 

Concern was again expressed at flows of soapsuds on the lake. All members are asked to follow good environmental practice in laundry, dish-washing and the like. There was some discussion of current septic system requirements, and their cost.

The report was approved: Jim (lot 41)/Leslie (lot 9); Carried.


Road Ownership Liability Insurance:

FOCA sponsors a plan to cover road association liability, and recommends it to constituent associations.

There was a full discussion on the topics of road ownership liability, possible incorporation of the association, and the financial and other risks we face as an association and as individuals. Motion by Ted (lot 9), seconded by Ian (lot 27): "That the Association purchase road ownership liability insurance at an approximate cost of $250 per annum". Carried.

Water Quality:

FOCA handout on Water Quality Safety was recommended (and distributed) to members. 

911 System – Haliburton County:

The County is still not in a position to introduce the 911 System. Pres. Dave referred to a letter from the County administration which detailed the information required from the Association 911 before implementation. On review it was determined that the information had previously been prepared for the County, and supplied to Brent (NESLR).

A topographic map of the Road, including the Point Road, was also required. Solvig (lot 1) and Jim (lot 41) agreed to follow-up on these issues. There was some discussion on the naming of roads with unique names within the county under the 911 system.

Cottage Watch Community Crime Prevention Program:

A partnership program of FOCA, Ontario Provincial Police and local Cottagers Associations aimed at reducing cottage "break-ins" and other security problems in cottage areas. A descriptive handout was distributed. There was considerable discussion without a definitive conclusion. It was agreed that we can increase the level of security in our area by our individual observation of activity, particularly suspicious activity, along the road. We were reminded that Charlotte’s (lot 7) observation, and immediate report to the police, of suspicious activity along the road last Fall, led to the foiling of a multiple break-in along our road, and the laying of criminal charges.


Ann (lot 6) was commended for her initiative of the flower bed arrangement at the junction with the Point Road.

Heinz (lot 16) expressed concern on the speed of boats inshore, and the consequent danger to swimmers.

Frank (lot 11) reported seeing high-speed PWCs coming inshore of swimming docks on our lake.

On the topic of PWCs, Pres. Dave presented correspondence from Senator Mira Spivak, who has sponsored a Bill (S26) in the Senate which would permit municipalities (or cottage associations) to control the use of PWCs within their jurisdiction when complaints of bad PWC practice were reported. Senator Spivak was asking for support of the bill through the signing of a petition. Pres. Dave made the petition forms available for signature, and undertook to forward the completed forms.

Ann (lot 6) commented on the occurrence of boats in trouble on the lake and the individual responsibility we all have to assist such boats when they are observed.

Next Annual Meeting:

The Saturday of the August Long Weekend, that is Saturday, 3 August 2002 at 10:30 a.m., hosted by Ann and Tony on Lot 6.

2002 Association Executive:

The current Executive was adopted for 2001/2 by acclamation. 

C? (lot ?) made a motion, seconded by Ted (lot 9): "That the Association officers serve for one year commencing at the conclusion of each Annual Meeting". Carried.

The officers for the year 2001/2 are then:

President Dave (Lot 8) 

Secretary Frank (Lot 11)

Treasurer Bob (Lot 41)

Roads Supervisor Ted (Lot 9)

Lake Steward Jim (Lot 19)

Adjournment: at 1.10 p.m.