Loon Chicks

This year we have watched two loon chicks grow up on Stormy Lake. In early September they were almost fully grown. 

One chick was independent long before the other, spending long periods of time on its own. By mid September was preening its feathers and testing its wings and making  clumsy take off attempts.  

We were fortunate enough to photograph its first serious attempt September 9.

The other chick was still begging for treats from its parents at the end of September. 

Early in October we went out on the dock for a few minutes. Three loons were feeding across the bay. One took off and flew towards us. It was the independent young loon. It turned right above us just a few feet over our heads as though to say 'look at me, I can fly".

On October 20th we looked out the window to admire the stillness of the lake only to see an adult loon and the two fledgelings flying a few feet off the water as though they had all just taken off. That is the last time we saw "our" loons. I hope they all make it back. 

There are lots of other much wilder loons passing through now, in their winter plumage.