North East Stormy Lake Road Association

2002 Annual Meeting

Held May 19, 2002 at Bruce and Deb's cottage #13

Meeting opened at 10:10 am 

30 people attended while light snow fell:

 #1 - Bernie T, Ray T & Peter T
 #2 - Rick S
 #4 - Brent D & Doris R 
 #6 - Julio & Elena T
 #7 - Steve & Tyler D
 #9 - Kevin & Lori M
#11 - Ken & Nola M
#12 - Bonnie B
#13 - Bruce & Deb D
#14 - Mike B & Bonnie A,  Lauren & Tara
#15 - Ted B
#16 - Rob & Cathy M
#17 - Gladys D & Christine B
#19 - Beverly W
#23 - Brian, Laurel & Christopher H
10:15 am: President Bernie T welcomed the new owners of #6, then referred to the minutes of last year’s meeting. Moved by Brent D / Nola M to adopt the minutes as distributed last summer. Carried

10:20 am: Treasurer Bruce D reviewed Cash Movements and Receipts & Expenditures spreadsheets noting shortfall of $308.08 ($337.27 last year). Moved by Bonnie A / Kevin M to adopt treasurer’s reports as presented. Carried.

10:25 am: Bruce D was reelected by acclamation as Secretary-Treasurer for the next two years. 

10:30 am: Winter Road: The work party will locate sand barrels at the hill between the blind corner and Con 12, and at the hill from driveway 6 to 12. Passing zones will be improved. Bonnie A will draft a letter to the Municipality re the unavailability of the wing back grader. 

10:35 am: Ken M questioned 11 plows in a winter with little snow, the same number as last year when there was major snow. Bernie T said the plow only comes in if there is more than 4 inches of new snow.

10:40 am: Current road needs: signs at the blind corner and blind hill. Gravel costs have increased. The road committee will look for closer suppliers and better prices. 

10:40 am: FOCA Road Liability Insurance costing several hundred dollars yearly was unanimously declined. Beverly W will look into costs and benefits of incorporation.

10:45 am: Collection of road fees can be enforced according to a recent judgement in Ontario. Kevin M will approach the owners of undeveloped Lot #3. 

10:50 am: Vince Billings will be asked to get the loggers to contribute either gravel or money for the damage they have caused in some areas. 

11:05 am: Moved by Beverly W / Nola M to continue FOCA Membership - approximately $130/yr. Carried.

11:10 am: Road Fee: This year no culvert or ditching work is needed. Vince Billings recommends four belly dumps. Discussions authorized the road committee to order only two belly dumps at this time. The committee recommended an increase in the road fee. Moved by Beverly W / Brent D to set the road fee at $125 for 2002. Carried.

11:15 am: Annual Barbecue is scheduled for Saturday August 10, 2002 at Doris & Brent’s #4. Food Committee Lori M and Bonnie B. Games Committee Ray T. Clean Up Committee Rick S & Deb D. 

11:20 am: Dam Maintenance was not done last year. Brian H agreed to compile a material list. Kevin M will acquire hemlock materials. Peter T will assist.

11:25 am: No Water Quality reports yet. Tadpoles seem to have returned to normal levels. No MNR conclusion re the large numbers in the past couple of years. 

11:30 am: Bruce D’s Haliburton County 911 report:

  • Target implementation date is July 1, 2004 
  • 1,800 roads, 4,450 km, 30,000 inhabited addresses, and 32,000 phone numbers need to be resolved. 
  • Road naming is 85% complete - target Sept 15, 2002.
  • Four GPS equipped trucks have just started point addressing every driveway on every road. They put up narrow yellow initial identification signs.
  • Information Gathering is only 11% complete! Hydro 1 and Census info could not be used due to privacy regs. Our phone list meets their mandatory data requirement. A form is attached for submission of complete info. Four call center operators are taking updates and clarifying information at 705 286-2306.
  • Maps must be prepared and given to Bell Canada.
  • Road and Address signs will then be manufactured and distributed to each Municipality for erection.
Note: Only one road will have "Stormy" in its name. This will likely be South Stormy Lake Road because it meets municipal road standards and leads to the public boat launch. The North Stormy Lake Road has already chosen "Journey’s End Trail". 

We need to choose a new unique name immediately. Currently acceptable names are limited to Trail, Lane, and Drive. Court, Crescent, and Circle are also acceptable but not appropriate. NESL Trail was suggested but acronyms may not be accepted. Suggestions are to be given to Bruce D ASAP so a prioritized list can be submitted. 

Brent D said he is taking issue at the Council with the word "Road" being reserved for Municipal Roads.

11:40 am: The meeting was open to discussion of the other Regional Issues listed in the Agenda. It was noted that taxes have increased and services decreased since amalgamation of Glamorgan Township into the Municipality of Highlands East. Electricity deregulation requires caution - read carefully before signing any contract. Secretary has info on library locations with Internet free access, and the Trails & Tours network if people are interested in joining.

11:45 am: The Secretary has information on the list of FOCA Issues shown in the agenda for anyone interested. 

11:50 am: Road Work Party Sunday August 4. Bring tools and meet at Driveway #6 at 9:00 am. Bernie T will be reimbursed for providing a case of pop and beer.

11:53 am: Mike B will again organize the annual Stormy Lake Rock Bass Tournament. Bruce D will contact the North Road regarding last year’s promised $50 contribution toward our $100 yearly support. Weigh in is Monday Aug 5, 10 am - 11 am. Prize donations welcome. 

11:55 am: Glamorgan Twp assumed South Stormy Lake Road in Oct ’99 improving it from the Buckhorn to the boat launch. SSLRA is obligated to pay $400 yearly toward its maintenance. SSLRA clears brush and cuts grass at the public boat launch. As a good will gesture we contribute $50 yearly toward their cost of maintenance of the road.

12:12 pm: Meeting adjourned Nola M / …

Please drop off your $125 fee payment before Canada Day to Bruce at Cottage #13 or to Brent at Cottage #4

Have a great summer