2002 Stormy Lake Rock Bass Derby
The weigh in for Stormy Lake’s fifth annual Rock Bass Derby was held civic holiday Monday, Aug 5th. More than 30 registrations of  individuals and family groups and close to 60 observers (and wanna-be bass assasins) attended the weigh in and trophy presentations. 

Prize bags were awarded to all participants, trophies and additional prizes were awarded to the following bass assasins...

G. family (most by a family or group) 356 fish

Emily W,  7 (most by a group claiming to be a child) 366 fish

Emily J, 4 (4 and under group) 2 fish

David F, 5 (5-11 group) 81 fish

Tyrone V, 13 (12-17 group) 69 fish

Gordon P, 20 (18 & over) 418 fish

[Gord is the perennial winner….probably cheats]

Kedrick B, 10 (largest) 9-1/2 inches

Paul F, 7 (smallest) 7/8 inch !!!!

[now we know what rock bass fry look like... aquarium raised ??]

Pine Rock Bass trophys and organization by Mike B, Ray and Bernie T. Financial assistance by the three Stormy Lake road associations North (Journey's End Trail), South and North East.

Participants in the derby reported a marked increase in the yearling sportfish (catch and release) population and also a decrease in the rockbass population. Providing incentive to other lakes having rockbass infestation problems. 

P.S. It’s taken five years.

Total 2002 harvest - 1860 pesky rockbass.