Nestle Trail Association
Formerly North East Stormy Lake Road Association
Minutes of the May 18, 2003 Annual Meeting

10:00 am: In attendance, owners of 10 of the 22 cottages

Bernie, Ray & Peter T; Rick S; Brent D; Julio T; Bonnie B; Bruce & Deb D; Mike B & Bonnie A; Ted B; Bill & Gladys D; Allen E; Brian & Laurel H. 

10:11 am: Call to Order

President Bernie T called the meeting to order and welcomed Michel & Bev B who purchased #18 last fall.

10:12 am: Minutes of Last Meeting

Read by Bernie. Moved by Mike B / Seconded by Brent D to adopt the minutes as read. Carried

10:20 am: Treasurerís Report

Bruce D presented Actual May 2002 to April 2003 Receipts & Expenditures spreadsheet noting the emergency GIC was reduced last year from $2000 to $1500. Moved by Allen E/ Rick S to adopt treasurerís report as presented. Carried.

10:34 am: Elections

No one at the meeting would accept nomination for the office of president. Bernie T agreed to stay in office for another year but reserved the right to appoint a willing candidate if he can find one. 

10:42 am: Association Name Change

Moved by Ted B / Mike B to officially change the name of our Association to Nestle Trail Association. Carried.

10:46 am: Winter Road Issues

Secretary to contact Municipality requesting at least one grader wing back each winter. Result: Barry Dunford says he will provide a bulldozer which has a 10í blade that the operator can angle on the go. It is faster, unlikely to get stuck, and can go right to the end of the road. Cheaper too at $55 per hour. Estimate a couple of hours.

Sand barrels (with lids) still required at the hill between the blind corner and Con 12, and at the hill from driveway 6 to 12. All donations welcome. The August work party will fill them each summer. 

10:46 am: Road Issues

Culvert: Secretary to notify Municipality re the damaged culvert at Concession XII - which could cause tire damage!

Heavy Work: Vince B is getting a bulldozer with a front end loader and has offered to remove logs and rocks plus additional widening and ditching for $150 (a fraction of what it would cost if we brought in a contractor). This is Vinceís contribution for his use of the road.

Gravel: We already spread a hopper load (belly dump semi trailer load) of 5/8 "A mix" west of swamp corner. Another load is needed continuing from where that one left off, past the maple shack, toward the blind hill. Another hopper will be required through the swampy area just past the blind corner after Vince removes logs and rocks. Two tandem loads are needed to cover 5 soft areas from #4 to #15. These areas are already marked with orange ribbons. 

Work Party: Sunday August 3. Bring tools and meet at Driveway #6 at 9:00 am. Refreshments provided. Lets have more than the same old six families out PLEASE.

Logging Use: Several owners have expressed concern over road damage by logging activities. Vince B put one or two tandem loads on the swamp corner last year due to logging on the Collins land. Bernie T had some logging done over the winter without any damage to the road. Bernie mentioned that all Nestle Trail cottagers are welcome to use the new trails created by the logging.

Access: Manfred Sharp, owner of 50 acres north of the T's 50 acres, wants to be able to access to his property via Nestle Trail. So far he has not received permission. It needs to be pointed out that we will expect him to pay the road fee if he does access via Nestle Trail. 

The German owner wants access to Stormy Lake by making a trail over the crown land between #14 and #15. Bonnie Armstrong to lodge a preemptive objection with MNR. 

11:29 am: NTA Annual Barbecue

There may be a lake wide event but this should not preclude our own BBQ which is scheduled for Saturday August 9, 2003 at Doris & Brentís #4. Food committee is Bonnie B and Lori M. Games committee is Ray T. Clean up committee Peter & Deb. 

11:29 am: Rock Bass Derby

Mike B and Ray T will again organize this annual lake wide event. Moved by Bernie/Rick to contribute $100 toward the cost of trophies and prizes. Carried. Other contributions from the other roads will go directly to Ray and Mike. Ray will provide a report of receipts and expenses at next yearís meeting. Weigh in is Monday Aug 4, 10 am - 11 am. Prize donations welcome, particularly fishing equipment.

11:42 am: Gooderham Well Drinking Water

Staff sends drinking water samples for E. Coli and T. Coli testing every two weeks. The well has also been equipped with Ultra Violet treatment. Why is the sign there? CYA.

11:45 am: Haliburton County 911 Project Update

GPS location and road renaming is nearing completion. A list of new names around Stormy Lake can be found at Erection of signs will start late May in Algonquin Highlands followed by Highlands East. Signage should be done by the end of the summer. 911 service is on schedule for July 2004 activation.

11:51 am: Stormy Lake Association (SLA)

There were three meetings last year to start an association of all 109 owners on Stormy Lake. Issues to be addressed by this association include liability, security, dispute resolution, lake water quality, county & municipal services, shoreline allowance, FOCA membership, rock bass derby, social & environmental issues, noise & light pollution, lake history, web site, and owner database.

Moved by Rick S / Bonnie A to authorize the executive to commit $15 per cottage to SLA start up costs and $10 per cottage annual SLA operating costs. Carried.

12:00 am: Municipal Issues

Closing of the Gooderham dump is being finalized by a sealing off process. It will remain a transfer site.

12:02 pm: Canoe FM 100.9 - on air June 2003

Moved by Bonnie B / Peter T not to contribute NTA funds to support the proposed non profit Haliburton FM radio station. Carried.

12:03 pm: FOCA Dues

Nestle Trail Association to join though the Stormy Lake Association if possible, or directly if not.

12:05 pm: Annual Road Fee

Treasurer presented a budget for expenditures of $3700. The reduction of the Emergency GIC from $1500 to $1000 subsidizes the first $500. Moved by Rick S / Bonnie A to set the 2003 road fee at $150. Carried.

Current owners of Lot #3 have never paid. Now they are selling the property as "year round access", a classic example of what the courts consider people unjustly enriching themselves. The secretary will approach Century 21 to ensure they are advising purchasers of our road fee. 

12:19 pm: Meeting Adjourned

Moved Peter T / Bonnie B. Carried.

NOTE: Welcome to Neil & Cynthia D. and their son Patrick who privately purchased #8 since the meeting.

Please drop off your $150 fee payment before Canada Day to Bruce at Cottage #13 or to Brent at Cottage #4.
Have a wonderful summer and keep watching