6th Annual Stormy Lake Rock Bass Derby

All weekend Stormy Lakers fished through good weather and bad. 

In a quest for prizes and the cherished 
Rock Bass trophy, this year sporting a blinking eye.

Organizers helped entrants sign in as they viewed their potential prizes.

A throng of over 60 people watched the excitement.

The judges counted, weighed and measured.

Here are this year's trophy winners, pictured behind their collective catch.

And here are the 1800 losers.

The rain resulted in fewer participants and a reduced total harvest of 1332 rock bass.

In our first Rock Bass Derby in 1998 100 Rock Bass weighed in at over 20 lbs. This year 100 Rock Bass weighed in at 15 to 16 lbs. This is a good reduction in the size of the individuals harvested.

There are reports from around the lake that Small Mouth Bass (sport fish), Perch and Sunfish (acceptable food chain fish) are increasing in size and numbers.

Although Small Mouth Bass are still not 'table sized' we are suitably impressed with the apparent return of the Sport Fish!

The Rock Bass Derby is good for Stormy Lake and for all cottagers. A lake that has more Sport Fish in it's Biomass is more entertaining to all anglers, be they owners, children or guests.

A table full of prizes were provided by Major League Baseball and National Hockey League All Star game paticipants. Prizes of fishing tackle were purchased with donations from Stormy Lake's Road Associations and individuals.

Special thanks to Outdoors Plus Bait & Tackle in Haliburton for the gift certificate prize donations. Also many thanks to Don D for hole digging, Allen E, Bernie and Ray T for weigh-in and prize distribution, and to Bruce D for flyer production and distribution and this web site.

Pine trophies manufactured by Mile B, Nestle Trail, were awarded to the category killers listed below:

Family or Group The G Family Stormy Lake Road 502 fish
Biggest  Kieran & Nathaniel E Nestle Trail 9-1/2"
Smallest (with hook) Paul & David F Journey's End Trail 3"
18 &  over Carl P Journey's End Trail 332 fish
11 & over Riley W Stormy Lake Road 40 fish
8-10 yrs Emily W Stormy Lake Road 90 fish
6-7 yrs Chad C ? 117 fish
5 & Under Scott G ? 24 fish

Thanks to all of the over 30 participants and the additional 30 friends and family members who attended the weigh in. 

See you next year. Bring your neighbours!