Nestle Trail Association
Formerly North East Stormy Lake Road Association
Minutes of the May 23, 2004 Annual Meeting

10:00 am: In attendance, owners of 10 of the 22 cottages

Bernie, Ray & Peter T;  Brent D; Steve D, Cynthia D; Kevin M, Bonnie B; Bruce D; Dave & Catherine H; Bev B; Brian & Laurel H. 

10:30 am: Call to Order

President Bernie T called the meeting to order.

10:35 am: Minutes of Last Meeting

Reviewed by Bernie. Moved by Brent D / Seconded by Kevin M to adopt the minutes as distributed. Carried

10:40 am: Treasurers Report

Bruce D presented a spreadsheet of financial transactions for the year  May 1, 2003 to April 30, 2004 showing a current account balance of $51.81 and a GIC of $2,000. It was noted that the $15 per cottage has not yet been advanced to the proposed Stormy Lake Association. Moved by Catherine H / Ray T to adopt treasurer's report as presented. Carried.

10:50 am: Elections

Cynthia D accepted the nomination for the position of President for the next two years. Moved by Peter T to acclaim Cynthia  D to the position of president. Carried

10:55 am: Winter Road Discussion

Many sand pails were filled with salted sand and located on the hills last fall. Some were used. Please refill the pails and put them back after use. The salted sand is available for free at the Township maintenance yard beside the Gooderham dump. Note: We need better pails or barrels with lids. All donations accepted.

Vince B has added a 3/4 ton plow truck to his fleet of road maintenance equipment. He did some of the plows last winter as a subcontractor to DLL. He may be interested in doing all the plows next winter. 

We did not get a wing back as Vince did a double plow right at the end of the season which really helped the road recover quickly this spring.

The ditch froze up between the small water fall and culvert #8 causing a lot of ice build up for quite a distance down the road and nearly created an impassible wash out. We installed a new culvert #9 right at the water fall. See pictures on the 2004 Picture Menu at Also refer to the Nestle Trail Description.

11:00 am: Road Maintenance Discussion

Vince has already dragged the road 4 times this spring. In addition he did some  crowning work especially on the hills using Manley's mini grader. 

Culverts: Chris Billings (Vince's nephew) came in with his mini excavator to work on three culverts. Culvert #5 was lowered. Culvert #6 was found to be rotted out as it was being lowered. It was replaced with a culvert of the same length - 16 feet. For Future Reference: New culverts should be at least 20' long as we continue to widen the road. 

The new culvert #9 at the small water fall (mentioned in winter road discussion above) is 26 feet long. It angles across a wide section of the road.

Heavy Work: As the mini-excavator moved along the road doing the culvert work, it was also ditching and removing logs and rocks from the road surface. The machine was here all day from 8:30 till 4:30. We were only charged $300 for 5 hours. This is a really good deal because it usually costs $125 to $150 per culvert.

Gravel:  Due to mud and ruts this spring a hopper (26 tonne belly dump semi trailer load) is required to help crown the first hill off Alsop Road. 

A second hopper is required through the swampy area just past the blind corner now that the rock and log removal is finished. The logs were put down to build a base when the road was originally built. Over the years they work their way up. 

Two 16 tonne tandem loads are needed to cover rocky areas on hills from #6 to #15. 

Educational Note: semi-trailer hopper trucks can't turn around past the parking lot so tandem trucks must be used for the far end of the road.

Signage: Perhaps we could use a portable "No Heavy Vehicles" sign to put up for a couple of weeks in the spring and right after culvert work. A "Road Closures" sign would keep vehicles from entering during culvert work. 

Clean Up Day Work Party: We are trying something different this year by NOT holding the work party on the August long weekend. It is scheduled for Sunday, July 26. Bring shovels, rakes, clippers, weed eaters, trimmers and meet at driveway #6 at 9:00 am. Refreshments provided. NOTE: Every cottage is expected to participate. If you cannot attend please do 2 hours of work prior to the clean up day. Lets have more than the same old six families out PLEASE.

NOTE: There is a standing road committee for making road maintenance and expenditure decisions between NTA meetings. This committee is made up of four people: Brent D, current President, current Secretary/Treasurer & past President.

11:25 am: NTA Annual Barbecue

Our BBQ is scheduled for Saturday August 7 at Bev & Michel's #18 (1419 Nestle Trail). Food committee is Bev B, Bonnie B & Cynthia D. Games committee Ray T & Kevin M. Clean up committee Peter T & Bruce D. 

11:30 am: Rock Bass Derby

Mike B and Ray T are getting burned out so we will encourage the proposed Stormy Lake Association or the other road groups to head man the Rock Bass Derby  this year. It is usually held on the August long weekend. We will provide $100 in support directly if the SLA is not in a position to do the funding. Prize donations welcome, particularly fishing equipment.

11:35 pm: FOCA Membership

Nestle Trail Association to join though the Stormy Lake Association if possible, or directly if not.

11:40 am: Stormy Lake Association (SLA)

It is make it or break it time for this new Association of all 109 owners on Stormy Lake. Issues to be addressed by this association include incorporation, liability, security, dispute resolution, lake water quality, county & municipal services, shoreline allowance, FOCA membership, rock bass derby, social & environmental issues, noise & light pollution, lake history, web site, and owner database. See the Membership area of the Stormy Lake Association Menu for details.

Moved by Brent D / Steve D to commit another $10 per cottage to the SLA in addition to the $15 being held in reserve from last year on the understanding that the annual SLA operating costs will be at least $25 per year. Carried.

12:00 pm: Annual Road Fee

Treasurer presented a 2004 - 2005 budget showing Receipts of $3,552.04 and and Expenditures of $4,592.81 (including last year's $330 SLA startup commitment). By using the excess $1,000 in the Emergency GIC we can maintain this years fee at $150 and still accomplish what is needed. Moved by Peter T / Cynthia D to set the 2004 road fee at $150. Carried.

12:10 pm: Environmental Issues

Due to current forest pest infestation risks Haliburton County is asking that no logs, firewood or wooden crates be brought in from other jurisdictions.

The addition of an asphalt plant to the Bark Lake Quarry has been stopped for the time being. WATCH has even managed to have the operation of the quarry reviewed and its original approval questioned.

No one attending the meeting has had the lake water tested this year.

12:20 pm: Dumping

Would people please stop throwing coffee cups, beer bottles & cans and dumping garbage bags, oil cans, canoes, snow machines, and leaves in the ditch, in the bush and on the parking area on Bernie T's property across from driveway #6! Whoever has done any of these is asked to clean up their mess and any other debris they encounter while doing so.

12:25 pm: Meeting Adjourned

Moved Steve D / Brent D. Carried.

Welcome to John Kidd who purchased the undeveloped lot 1277 ( #3). He did a lot of clearing and landscaping work over the winter. We understand he is selling the lot in order to purchase a cottage on Drag Lake privately from an acquaintance. Too bad. We were looking forward to more new blood on the road. 

Please drop off your $150 fee before Canada Day to Brent at 1281 (#4), Cynthia at 1313 ( #8), or Bruce at 1355 (#13).
Have a wonderful summer and keep watching