Nestle Trail Association
Minutes of the May 22, 2005 Annual Meeting

10:10 am:  13 in attendance, 9 properties were represented:  Bernie & Ray, Doris & Brent, Cynthia, Mike C, Ken, Bonnie B, Bruce, Michel & Bev, Laurel & Brian

Minutes of last years mtg. were read, discussed, & approved by Bernie, seconded by Bonnie B. 

Treasurer's Report was approved - Moved by Brent, seconded by Ray. 
Bruce stepped down as secretary but agreed to stay on as treasurer.   He will continue to deliver minutes, give us regular updates and be responsible for some money collection.  Election of Bonnie B as secretary.  Moved by Bernie, seconded by Mike C.

Nestle Trail Road Issues
Winter needs: 
Sand Boxes - we need a good lid system.  It would be most helpful if people could get pails with lids, or the green recycling food waste bins. (approx. 8) Cynthia & Bernie will look into this.  Holes will need to put in the bottom for water to run out.  If everyone who comes up in the winter would bring back a pail of sand from the dump in Gooderham, that would help out.  Bernie suggested that one of our 'road clean-up' duties be to get a few buckets of sand.  He also recommended carrying some sand or ashes in your car at all times in the winter in case you get stuck! 

Plowing - we were not happy with the plowing this past winter.  Despite Bruce's efforts to keep the road clear as the plow came so late, the road ended up being too narrow.  Our plowing co. has reduced their # of trucks so perhaps we should consider getting a new person to plow.  First plan: can Vince add our road? (Bruce will call him)  If Vince can't, and the Gooderham gas station is selling, maybe we can get a new deal with the new person. 

Summer needs:
Vince plans to extend 1 culvert as we already have the extension.  2-3 culverts need to be repaired/ lowered, but we'll wait until next year as a bigger priority is gravel due to a lot of exposed rock.  No serious rocks/logs this year. 

We discussed the possibility of Vince making a new turn around at top of hill near Yaccato's, but we can't do it on crown land.  People won't want it on their properties & it's not worth making & maintaining so the idea was dropped. 

We need 2 hoppers on the main part of the road and at least 2 tandems past 13-14 driveway (1355-1357). 

A reminder to buy 20 ft. culverts, NOT 16 ft. from now on.

Any ideas of anything dangerous that needs to be put on a sign?? SPEED IS GETTING TO BE AN ISSUE ON OUR ROAD!  A reminder to everyone to please slow down, especially at corners, whether you're in a car, truck, ATV, snowmobile, etc.  Bernie is going to check with Peter about getting signs warning about slowing down due to children.  If anyone else can do the same, we need about 3 signs for different locations. 

Road Clean-Up:
Sun. July 31/05  (9:30 a.m.. - 11:30 a.m..) Meet at clearing by cottage #6.  If you can't make it, please do your work in advance!  An article in Cottage Life focussed on the liability of providing beer at events like road clean ups, so it will have to be B.Y.O.B.  Let's try to have a better turn out this year! 

There are 3 dead maple trees near the clearing close to Brent's which need to be taken down.

Wedding Announcement: 
Doris and Brent have invited everyone to share in a special celebration on Saturday, July 23/05 at 3:00 pm. at their home, as they renew their wedding vows for their 14th anniversary!  It will be held outdoors so dress will be casual, children are welcome.  Buffet served at 6:00 p.m. R.S.V.P. (705) 447-3250 by July 15th.  Thank you for your generous invitation, Doris and Brent! 

Annual Summer BBQ:
Sat. Aug 20 (4:00 pm) at Neil & Cynthia's cottage #8.  Buns & meat will be provided.  If people could bring either a salad or dessert, that would be great!  There will be games and prizes - please help by donating!  Please let Cynthia know if you are attending or NOT as it gets closer to the date.  Clean-up Committee is needed. 

Stormy Lake Association Discussion:
See SLA Proposal on for summary of issue.  It's still alive (in process) but hasn't got off the ground yet.  North Rd. will form it as an "Open Association" as a lake assoc. on top of their road assoc. (anyone can join), South Shore were thinking of opting out - 1/2 were in favour and 1/2 were not.  Incentives for joining: a) can lobby for tax issues b) liability insurance c) stronger vote for local representation.  Don't count on more than 70% membership (80/109 properties).  1 executive of our Nestle Trail Association (NTA) would join their committee for "complete lake" issues.  With our NTA everyone is included on our road.  Let's keep $ in reserve, but be prepared to put more in next year.

Yard lights, flood lights, spot lights are an issue on our lake.  Please be considerate of your neighbours near you and across the lake from you.  No direct rays should hit water, otherwise it's called "Light Trespassing"

Expenditures and Dues:
See p.2 of Bruce's print-out.  Bonnie B still has print-outs for cottages #2, 3, 6, 7, 9, 14, 15, 16, 19, 20, 21, 22.  She will distribute these end of June/beginning of July.)

SLA Commitment from prior years $550.00 (it's in reserve)

Total Receipts - $3,500.00 if everyone pays 

Next year, we may need to raise dues so anticipate an increase in annual fees.  We'll keep it at $150.00 this year.  Advise us prior to the annual mtg. next year of your thoughts about road fees, if you have any. 

PLEASE PAY BRUCE $150 ASAP (CHEQUE: $150.00 payable to Nestle Trail Assoc.)

Local & Environmental Issues

Forest Pests:  2 beavers are back (across from Mott's), but not much wood damage so far this year.  Box of mothballs helps to keep away porcupines etc. but beware of your pets eating them!

Theft:  Keep things out of sight if possible!

There is a good insert in The Echo re: Environment Haliburton re: bringing wood in.

UPDATE! on the Asphalt plant:  The application is abput to be filed. Go to the "WATCH" link on the Lots More Links page on - new environmental organization. 

Chimney Fires - (creosote buildup)  All chimneys should be cleaned (min.) every 2 yrs. but it's recommended that you do this annually.  A cap will greatly reduce the build up & will stop rain from coming in.  Potato peels bundled in newspaper and a very hot fire should also help! Cost of a chimney sweep - $80

Web Site:
Bruce has continued the upkeep of this excellent web site and has paid $50 + GST just keep its name.  A motion by Brent that our association pay the $50 for the web site was seconded by Bonnie and carried. 

REMINDERS:  Please get your cheque to Bruce!

Remember to SLOW DOWN on our road - let's help to keep everyone safe!