9th Annual Stormy Lake Rock Bass Derby

2006s’ Derby was held during a 6 day power outage. A much smaller crowd turned out for the weigh in between 10 and 11am on Civic Holiday Monday. 

Participants reported more small mouth bass and fewer rock bass. Yeah. We're winning. 

Those factors, plus alleged racoon thievery, were responsible for a much reduced harvest of only 405 Rock Bass, down from the all time high of 2,120 in 2001.

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This year's winners received a pine trophy designed by the late Mike Berezowsky, a flashlight, and a $10 gift certificate generously donated by Outdoors Plus Bait & Tackle in Haliburton. 

Jacob Ribble, with help from Gord Pratt, presented the most (163) fish 
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Took both Eric & Aiden Woodward to land the smallest fish 3-3/4 inches
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Mike Berezowsky's daughters Tara and Lauren both won trophies in absentia:
Lauren (right below) - largest fish at 9 inches
Tara – most fish  (22) 5-8 years 
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Sean Barber – most fish (31) 9-12 years 
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Kedric Bradley –most fish (43) 13-16 years 
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Tim Hucks - most fish (26) over 17 years 
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Melissa, Lucas and Jessie Wagg - won the family trophy
with the 4 fish that remained after the racoons raided the bucket.
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All participants selected prizes supplied by the organizer Ray Thompson and partially funded by your new Stormy Lake Association. 

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Many thanks go to the Thompsons who did the bulk of the work to keep this worthwhile event going for the last two years. Pictured below are Michelle & Bernie Thompson who tabulated this year's results and handed out prizes.

Volunteers are required to continue staging this beneficial event. Complete documentation is on the Stormy Lake Events page. Lets get some help for the Thompsons next year. 

Thank you to all who participated.  Keep on catching those “red eyes”.