Stormy Lake
Bronze Boot Challenge
Despite the last minute cancellation of this year's Rock Bass Derby, three families decided to fish anyway, in response to a fourth family's challenge, in the hopes of winning the illusive, much sought after, never seen before...

Bronze Boot Award

The official count - 504 rock bass annihilated

17 members of these four families caught a total of 504 rock bass:

      • Fairbairns (234)
      • Georges (119)
      • Lazur (78)
      • Pratts (73) 

David Fairbairn was given the Boot for catching the most fish - 234!

It seems that the 9 past annual Rock Bass Derbys have been successful at reducing the number of rock bass in the lake.  Participants all noted that they were catching a lot fewer rock bass than in previous years AND they had caught (and released) a fair number of other types of fish.

Burial arrangements by the losers

At the weigh-in it was clear these are the "dedicated hard core" rock bass derby folk.  They all expressed that they will work to make sure the full Rock Bass Derby is held next year.