Stormy Lake Rock Bass Derby

2008sí Derby was held during a 6 day power outage. A much smaller crowd turned out for the weigh in between 10 and 11am on Civic Holiday Monday. 

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This year we had only 9 participants.


Smallest - 3.25 inches
Largest - 9 inches
Most by an individual - 216
Most by a Group - Ages 7 - 8 = 14 + 168
Most by a Group - Ages 11-12 = 31
Fish: Total 489 fish

Eric & Aiden W, David F, Sean B & Andrew S, William M, Tara & Natalie and the unknown fisherman. All participants received prizes worth $5.00 each. 

Winners received trophies and floating flashlights depending on the catagory. 

Trophies Made By: Don D & Bernie T

Hole Diggers: Ray T, Peter T, Don D, Mike C, and his friend Chad

Thanks to all who contributed time, effort and prizes. Congratulations to all participants and winners. 

Ray Thompson, Organizer


Volunteers are always needed to continue staging these beneficial events. Complete documentation is on the Stormy Lake Events page. Lets get some help for the Thompsons next year.