Stormy Lake Association

Notes from Ad Hoc Meeting
10 a.m. Sunday, August 24, 2008
Financial Review
Year end Mar 31, 2007 balance $312.72.
Year end Mar 31, 2008 balance $990.06.
Balance today is $208.97.
No membership dues have been received for 2008 ~$1,000.
Insurance policy will need to be paid in October ~$650.
Projected year end balance ~$700.
2008 Annual General Meeting
10 a.m. Saturday or Sunday Thanksgiving weekend
Availability of Gooderham Community Center or Township Office
Announce on web site, by email, signs and a mailer
Newsletter Mailer
    Announce AGM and Agenda
    Summarize cuurent issues:
      - Asphalt Plant
      - Uranium Mining
      - High speed internet
    Membership Renewal & Contributions
    Comments and Suggestions
Stormy Lake Association Email Address
We have two available, can they be forwarded?
Insurance Coverage
Officer & volunteer liability 
Rock marking
Working with other Associations
Start by contacting Little Glamour Lake 
SLA Events
DocTalk & Social
Rock Bass Derby
Stormy Lake Association Signs
Six required
Future Direction
New Executive to continue developing SLA's role