Boating on Stormy Lake 
Some boaters seem to be unaware that their leisurely "nose high" cruise is creating a tidal wave that ravages docks for miles around and beats the snot out of docked boats. You can travel at (almost) the same speed using 1/4 the fuel, creating almost no wake. Just cut back on the throttle and let your boat level out. Or, speed up enough to "get on the plane".
Pleasure Craft
Operators Licences
Regulations are changing. Make sure you stay up to date. Here is a summary of the changes in who needs a licence to operate a powered pleasure craft in Canada:
  • as of September 15, 1999, persons born after April 1, 1983.
  • as of September 15, 2002, anyone who operates a pleasure craft less than 4 meters in length.
  • as of September 15, 2009, everyone who operates a pleasure craft of any length.
  • No reports of Zebra Mussels in Stormy Lake lake yet. Let's keep it that way. They are in neighbouring lakes and we don't want 'em. 

    Make sure you and your friends wash your PWC, canoe, boat and bilges with a strong bleach solution if you have been boating in another lake. 

    Canadian Speed Regulation 10kpm (6mph) within 30 meters (100 feet) of shore!
    The only exception is if you are starting a water ski/tubing session.
    Canadian Coast Guard Regulations
    for motor boats under 6 meters in length
    • Two paddles or oars. Fine $100.
    • Sound signalling device. A sports whistle on your key chain is acceptable. Fine $100.
    • Bailer or manual pump. Cut off Javex bottle is still acceptable. Make sure is is not so old that it falls apart when you need it. Fine $100
    • One suitably sized PFD per person. Life jackets must be in good condition (not torn or oil soaked) and all fasteners must be operational. Seat cushions are no longer acceptable PFDs. The fine is $200 per person!
    • Inboards must carry a marine fire extinguisher. Fine $200.
    • Navigation lights if you on the lake after sunset, before sunrise, in fog or heavy rain. Fine $100.
    • NEW: Flares or water tight flashlight. Fine $100.
    • NEW: 15 meter floating rope. A ski rope is perfect. Fine $100.