JULY 2002


Information provided by Walter F. Leveck.

"After the big fires the government contracted wooden fire towers to be built on the higher areas." " The first lookout on Green’s Mountain was a one storey shack with a 7’ square windowed cubalow (i.e., cupola) for a 2nd storey. A table was set near the center of the cubalow to hold the maps of the area within a 15 – 20 mile radius of the tower." "Green’s Mountain got the 80 ft. steel tower in June 1940 and lost it in February 1974. It laid where it fell until October 1974." It is assumed that the tower fell over during the winter.

Question: Do you know what year the Government started to build these (wooden towers)?

Answer: "Harry Bates told me, to the best facts they (Ministry of Natural Resources) could find, was about 1916-18. Steel tower on Green’s Mountain June, 1940."

It appears that forest fire surveillance from Green’s Mountain Tower spanned the period from circa 1917 to 1970 ("in 1970 the tower men were looking for work elsewhere.") a little over half a century. Following the Fire Tower era surveillance was done from the air.

Walter spent 3 summers on the Gooderham Fire Tower.

Question: Can you give us a list of other Towermen?

Answer: "Crawford Shier, Roland Staley, Robert (G.) Hunter, Art McColl, Harry McColl, Josh Pickens, Roy Hadley, Robert Madill, Barnie Traviss, Doug Dewey, Carl Dewey." (Note: Names are not listed here in any particular order)

Photo courtesy Ron Barr.

Shown in photo:

Elsie McColl

Arthur McColl

Harry McColl


Charles WAY 1873-11-01 1892-11-25 Resignation

Matthew JOHNSTON 1983-01-01 1894-05-03 Resignation

John W. GOULD 1894-07-02 1900-05 Death Elizabeth GOULD 1901-05-08 1927-10-24 Resignation

William A. MAXWELL 1928-06-30 1956-10-15 Retirement 

Ruby E. MAXWELL 1956-11-21 1960-09-26 Resignation

Vivian DOVELL 1960-11-03 1973-06-01 Retirement

Mable M.HUNTER 1973-06-01 1987 Retirement 

Information from National Archives of Canada courtesy Haliburton Highlands Genealogy Group. 

Marie Bird was appointed Postmistress after Mable Hunter’s retirement and served in that position until Canada Post entered into a contract with the Township of Glamorgan for the provision of Postal Services in 1990. The Post Office is now operated by the Municipality of Highlands East. 

Location of Post Offices as supplied by Dallyn Pickens:

"I believe that Charles Way had the Post Office in his hotel (which was located on the property where Dallyn now lives).

I think that the Post Office was at the foot of Davey’s Hill when Matthew Johnston was Post Master.

When John and Elizabeth Gould had the Post Office it was on "Hell St." (Contau Lake Road), but Elizabeth Gould may have operated it from a house in town that was located beside the old Municipal Office."

William (Billy) Maxwell and Ruby Maxwell operated the Post Office in their home that is presently a part of the Lucky Dollar complex.

Vivian Dovell had the Post Office in the building where Cliff Stoughton had his Barber Shop (another story) until the Municipality bought the Jim Stoughton house (behind the present Ward 3 Municipal Building) when she moved the Post Office to that site. Mable Hunter continued to operate from that building until the Post Office was moved to its present location.

Compiled by Elva Bates. Corrections, additions, comments welcome – this is the Community’s history – get involved.