AUGUST, 2003

By Elva Bates


  1. I have heard that an EARTHQUAKE was felt in this area, I believe, in the 1930’s. Does anyone have any stories about it?
  1. On Saturday, September 6, 1947 about 4:00 p.m., a TORNADO ripped through Gooderham. It was Kinmount Fair Day so a lot of people were not home when this happened. Large pine trees were uprooted along the Lake, the Train Station was wrecked, a Boxcar was overturned on the tracks and the Agricultural Building, which stood where the Community Centre now stands, was destroyed. If you experienced this event that happened 56 years ago will you share your memories with me?
  1. The BARK LAKE FIRE broke out in the summer of 1949. It was a major

fire and the Department of Lands and Forests recruited every able bodied

man in the surrounding area to fight it. What was it like in Gooderham during that fire? Was there any threat of evacuation in Irondale or Gooderham? What were the names of the Gooderham men who fought it?

Walter Leveck told me that there was a significant fire(s) south of Gooderham in the northern part of Cavendish Township about 1913 and that this/these fire(s) had a bearing on the decision to build a Fire Tower on Green’s Mountain. Has anyone else heard about this/these fire(s)?

  1. Irondale River FLOODS. Has there ever been a flood that caused irreparable damage?



Were any of your ancestors involved in the RIVER DRIVES down the Burnt (Irondale) River and its tributaries?




There are no records left for this Cemetery which was used for thirty some years. Arnold Hunter, Florence Taylor and Evelyn (Young) Wallbridge have supplied the following names:

Mark Cully George Ridout

Urenia (or Renia) Garbett Bertha May Lake

Phenia Lake Edward Flood

George White Joseph Hadley

Sam Whittaker Mary Frolic

Sylvester Hadley Hannah M. Hadley

Alice Dixon Hunter John James Price Hunter

Charles Isaac Hunter Margaret Graham Hunter

Mary Kirkpatrick Alfred Dane

If you have ancestors buried here, kindly add them to the list.



The cottage beside the dam now owned by Clive Taylor was built for the person(s) who looked after the dam and was referred to as "The Damkeeper’s Cottage"?

How to make White Liniment? "Take two egg cups full of white vinegar, two egg cups full of spirits of turpentine and the whites of two eggs with shells. Place the above ingredients in bottle. Shake bottle occasionally until egg shells dissolved." This remedy was used for rheumatic pains, sprains, neuralgia, neuritis, leg cramps and other muscular ailments.

The recipe was submitted to F.S. & M by Victoria Butler. From: Fat-back & Molasses, Jesperson, I.