By Elva Bates

We are fortunate to have two fourth-year Trent University students from Geography 470 (Prof.. Alan Brunger) doing research for the Gooderham & Area history Project for the 2003 - 2004 academic year. Each student will contribute approximately 120 hours to the project (including travel time from/to Peterborough).

Trevor Bremner will be doing a Registry Office search and will record the names of the original owner/owners of the original 100-acre lots, then concentrate on the hamlet of Gooderham for more detailed work. He will also research the lumbering industry and look at other reasons why people settled here. He looks forward to meeting and interviewing residents who have knowledge of the area.

Matt Drechsler will be researching the abandoned communities, e.g., Ursa, Minnicock Lake Settlement, Madill Settlement, Contau Lake Road Settlement and the Trooper Lake Settlement, and attempting to determine why they existed and why they are now abandoned. He will be doing searches at the Registry Office and in Municipal records, and looks forward to meeting and interviewing residents who have knowledge of the area.

If you have information on any of these settlements, please call me at 447-2977.

I have a copy of the reports produced by Jessie Wilkes in the 2001/2002 Academic Year and that of Shawn Brown produced in the 2002/2003 Academic Year if you wish to borrow them. Shawn’s report includes two maps showing ownership in 1891 and in 1921.

Dallyn Pickens has collected a number of Family Trees and these have been put on an Electronic Data Base. They include information about the following families: Hope/Pickens, King, Cully, Savinac. Tindall, Prout, Hunter, Switzer, White, Curry, Barr, Dovell, Flood, Coukell and Leveck. If you would like to have your Family Tree included in the Gooderham and Area Community History Project, please contact me.

The list of burials in Pioneer Cemetery is growing thanks to Gail Leach-Wunker, secretary of the Haliburton Highlands Genealogy Group, the Late Arnold Hunter, the Late Gordon Barr, Dallyn Pickens, Marjorie Billings, Florence Taylor and the Internet. If you have ancestors buried there, please let us know.

This is only part of the work that has been done to date and research continues.