Lyme Disease
To all Stormy Lakers,

Our eight and a half year old boxer, Otto, died from complications caused by Lyme Disease. We thought that cottagers in the Stormy Lake area should be alerted to the presence of Lyme disease bearing ticks and to be vigilant with their pets, as well, of course, with themselves.

Early signs such as lameness in dogs can be misinterpreted, as was Otto’s lameness last summer which was attributed to having taken a long walk in the woods. His vet, nor did the Haliburton vet, run the Lyme disease detection SNAP test or suggest that the cause might be Lyme Disease. It was only last week that the lameness returned and the resulting damage to his kidneys proved fatal.

There are many websites dedicated to Lyme disease including:

We both urge you to read about the disease and discuss the Lyme Disease test and vaccine with your vet. It has been a difficult time for us and for Otto which we hope none of you would have to experience. 

Bev and Allen, Nestle Trail