Save Our Night Skies
FOCA Article
Many of us spend time under the stars enjoying the view of the milky way, the constellations, our planets, meteorites, and the brilliance of a full moon. Lately outside lights have become a problem for one of cottage life's special resources - night vision. 

Light travels great distances not only onto our immediate neighbour's property but across water to cottages far away. This light keeps our eyes from switching to cottage mode and enabling us to fully enjoy the night sky. Any bare bulb inside a cottage can obliterate the view from across the lake.

Help restore this delightful resource:

  • use outside lights only when needed
  • turn off all outside lights after 10 p.m.
  • avoid the use of flood lights
  • motion sensors work better than timers for security
  • use low wattage ground level lighting instead
  • ask your neighbours if your lights bother them
  • encourage your neighbours to turn out their lights
Then go down to your dock on a clear night, look up, and enjoy.
Outdoor Lights in Highlands East
Article in County Life section of Haliburton Echo 29jun04
 Town of Canmore
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