Rock Bass Derby
This fun derby has been suspended by the organizer for three reasons:
  • the number of rock bass have been significantly reduced
  • lack of organizational help (contact webmaster if you want to help)
  • lack of participation (only two families at the last derby in 2012)
Cottagers are asked to continue to rid the lake of these fish so Stormy Lake continues to have an enjoyable sport fishing environment. 

When you catch red eyed fish please do not release it live back to the lake. 

In other words, kill them, kill them all.
More Information on Why

How to Identify the Fish in Stormy Lake
  • Rock Bass have red (evil) eyes. Rock Bass are very aggressive, grow to about 6 inches. Their top fins are very sharp.
  • Sunfish are the same shape as rock bass but are bright green with a bright spot near the gills.
  • Perch are torpedo shaped with vertical stripes. 
  • Catfish are black and have a soft mouth with whiskers. 
  • Lake trout are missile shaped have bigger lower lip and can grow to 24+ inches. 
  • Small mouth bass are torpedo shaped and can grow to 20+ inches.