Start fishing Friday 
Weigh-in at the Public Boat Launch Monday between 10 and 11am

TROPHIED CATEGORIES (may differ each year)

Smallest Rock Bass must be presented individually
Largest Rock Bass must be presented individually
Most 4 and under pairs ok
Most 8 and under pairs ok
Most 12 and under no groups or pairs
Most 16 and under no groups or pairs
Most 17 and older no groups or pairs
Most family or group all ages


Kreel (catch) must contain only rock bass or be disqualified. Small mouth bass, sunfish, perch, catfish, and lake trout do not qualify and should be live released. Winners must be residents or their guests. Rock bass must be from Stormy Lake.

Largest and smallest fish should be presented separately. Age groups may be changed at weigh-in depending on the number of participants.


Prizes (tackle, toys, trinkets), cash (for prizes), and organizational assistants are always welcome. Email the webmaster  for details on who to contact if you have a donation or want to help.


Most productive fishing times are Dusk and Dawn but these fish can be harvested 24 hours a day! They will jump on just about any hook. 

They will generally be within 20’ of the shoreline so fish off your dock and your neighbors dock. 

Best baits... try cheese slices, worms, topwater plugs (jitterbugs), small spinners (mepps with feathers), single hooks or trebles, All have proven successful.
Just remember, rock bass have red eyes, dark colour, and very sharp spiky fins.

Storage Tricks

Dead fish stink ! If possible store your buckets of fish under cover, in a shed, garage, whatever. This curtails the inevitable raccoon feast.

Best idea so far…. Heavy duty Large freezer ziplock bags. Write the count on the out-side of the bag and the organizers will be very happy. If you don’t have access to enough heavy duty bags then double or triple bag! 

Dead fish can now be safely stored in a bucket with a tight cover or even better toss your fish in the unused freezer of the beer fridge!