9-1-1 Emergency Services
Implemented December 2004
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Numbering is calculated as follows:
number = 1000 + (meters / 5)

To compute the distance from the center of the last intersection:
meters = (number - 1000) * 5 

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One of the main aspects of the 9-1-1 project is renaming roads to eliminate duplication for accurate deployment of emergency services.

9-1-1 Road Name Changes near Stormy Lake
(subject to bylaw approval)
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Driving east from the Town of Haliburton then south toward Gooderham:
  • Highway 121 east out of Haliburton has changed number to Highway 118
  • County Road 3 Buckhorn Road becomes County Road 3 Glamorgan Road 
  • North Stormy Lake Road becomes Journey's End Trail
    • Point Road becomes Point Trail
    • Sunrise Lane becomes Honey Tree Lane
  • Unnamed lane E13311 becomes Heaton Lane
    • Unnamed lane E13312 on the left becomes Pride Lane 
  • Eden Laneway becomes Break of Day Lane
  • Three lanes off Glamorgan Road that access three properties remain unnamed
  • Unnamed lane 29 E13314 becomes Carter Lane
  • South Stormy Lake Road becomes Stormy Lake Road
    • Unnamed E13315 on the left becomes Jack Rabbit Trail
  • Concession XII becomes Alsop Road
    • North East Stormy Lake Road becomes Nestle Trail
      • Unnamed lane serving cottages 10, 11, 12 becomes Trio Lane
      • Unnamed lane serving cottages 19, 20, 21 becomes Ferret Trail
  • Concession X becomes Ursa Road
September 2004 Update of 9-1-1 Project click HERE