Common Sense, Survival & Good Neighbour Suggestions

Although the items mentioned below seem like common sense, some renters, visitors and a few cottagers seem to be oblivious to basic etiquette concepts. 


  • Please tell your children to refrain from screaming. It is annoying and disconcerting to your neighbours. Worse - if they are continually screaming, no one can tell when they really are in trouble.
  • Please refrain from loud talking and using foul language. Voices can be heard for great distances over water. They can easily be heard over the sound of a boat motor.

  • Clean and flush all motor boats, canoes and personal water craft coming from other lakes with a bleach solution to prevent the introduction of invasive species such as Zebra Mussels and Spiny Water Flea. 

  • PLEASE DON'T MAX WAKE!  The "nose high" cruising (see picture below) of any boat, and particularly larger and deep hulled boats, causes huge waves that can wreak havoc on docks, float loon's eggs out of their nest, and erode the shoreline. Please be observant and adjust your speed to minimize the size of wake your boat generates. Go slow enough to be flat in the water or fast enough to be flat on the plane, and make the transition quickly. THANKS.
  • All boats and personal water craft are requested to follow the 10 km/h rule within 30 meters (100 feet) of the shore
  • ALL boats, peddle boats, canoes and kayaks must have a flashlight after dusk. A fast boat won't see you until it's too late.
  • Right of way goes to unpowered craft, sailboats and wind surfers.
  • Common courtesy is to be extended to canoeists, fishermen & peddle boaters - if you slow down, make sure you are not Max Waking, which is worse than going by at full speed!
  • There is a movement to make the wearing of life jackets mandatory at all times. While this may be unreasonable in many situations on Stormy Lake, it is recommended that non swimmers and children always put them on. Even good swimmers should put them on in the following situations:
    • if the lake is too cold for swimming
    • in high traffic situations
    • if you are boating at night
    It is difficult if not impossible to put them on after you are in trouble!
  • No one under the age of 16 is allowed to operate a PWC
  • Due to annoying noise levels, operate your PWC in the middle of the lake and avoid prolonged operation in any area
  • Stay well away from the shoreline unless you are docking
  • Respect water fowl and keep your distance

    Many Stormy Lake residents enjoy watching the night sky and observing stars, meteors and northern lights. High intensity and misdirected outdoor lights (and some indoor lights too!) obliterate the night sky. Please help reduce light pollution and keep Stormy Lake natural at night! 
  • Please direct flood lights away from the lake and neighbouring cottages
  • Motion sensors are preferable to timers for security as well as safety
  • The OPP advises cottagers to leave lights off when away
  • Inconsiderate lights can get you charged with disturbing the peace
  • Are those yard lights really necessary?
    Give the environment and your neighbours a break. 
    Take 'em down. 
    Get rid of them.
    Please see Night Skys for more lighting information.


  • Note license plate number and description of suspicious vehicles
  • Watch for strangers in your neighbourhood
  • Watch for persons taking "shortcuts" through your property
  • Watch for unknown vehicles making repeat visits
  • For more tips go to the OPP's Crime Prevention site

  • Keep your speed down! Be aware that the car, truck or ATV coming towards you is probably going too fast so you must over compensate in order to avoid a collision. NOTE: There have been several head on collisions on private Stormy Lake roads!
  • Stay well over to the right, especially when cresting hills and rounding sharp curves
  • Please yield right of way to large vehicles and vehicles with trailers. 
  • When the road is too narrow for vehicles to pass, the driver with the best opportunity to pull over should do so even if it means reversing

  • There is a $1,000 fine for placing any foreign material in the lake, and your neighbours will probably report you
  • If you must clear a swim area please remove harvested weeds from lake. Loose weeds floating on surface will foul boat propellers, fishing lines, and your neighbor's swim area. Use a floating rope to corral the floating weeds so you can remove them from the lake 
  • Don't groom your property right to the shore line. Leave the last few meters natural. It is good for the lake, the snakes, the frogs, the fish, and for the critters

  • Don't burn when it is windy! 
  • Burning is usually permitted between dusk and dawn only. Why...? 
  • - there is less chance that an unexpected wind will come up
    - its easier to see where problem sparks are going when it is dark
    - people report fires when they see smoke during the day
    - our volunteer fire brigade is at work during the day
  • NOTE: Total fire bans are common during dry spells
  • Always soak the area around your fire pit
  • Have lots of water available to douse sparks
  • Drown the fire thoroughly (3 or 4 buckets) before leaving it
  • Always have a full bucket of water or hose nearby when you burn
  • NEVER burn anything outdoors during dry times! 

  • Fertilizers and sprays are the worst things for the lake
  • Make sure your septic system meets current regulations
  • Use of soaps & shampoos in the lakes and rivers is prohibited
  • Use of phosphate based fertilizers near the water is prohibited
  • Wastewater disposal should be at least 50' from high water. 

    The small mouth bass population on Stormy Lake has been damaged by rock bass and over fishing. Areas where rock bass have been aggressively harvested during the rock bass derby are already showing a return of sport fish.
  • Please kill the red eyed rock bass at every opportunity. 
  • Practice catch and release of sport fish such as perch, trout and small mouth bass.
  • Tell people who are fishing out of season to stop then call the authorities.
  • PETS
  • Keep your dogs leashed at all times when off your property.
  • Keep your cats indoors. They are hard on our song bird population and foxes love them.
  • Do not intentionally feed wild animals
  • Do not leave garbage where it can be found by wild animals
  • Use an old fridge to cool/store garbage until you can take it to the dump 
  • Composting is not recommended in cottage country
  • Many common plants and trees are harmful in the north 
  • Don't plant it if you are not absolutely sure it is non invasive
  • For example: up here honey suckles are invasive!
  • To find out more go to 
  • Don't litter anywhere
  • Don't trespass on private property
  • If you don't know, don't go
    They are great during power failures but:
  • Please use only when absolutely necessary during the day
  • Please turn them off overnight (11pm to 7am)