Make a selection from the Main Menu (the Stormy Lake navigation window that appears on the  left side of the opening screen). This may bring up:

  • a new picture in this window
  • a new page in this window
  • or another menu on the left - in which case you have to make another selection from that menu to make a new picture or page appear in this window.
NOTE: There are in excess of 45 selections on the Main Menu that appears on the left of the opening screen. The first selection is Highlands East. The last selection is LOTS MORE LINKS. Depending on the resolution of your computer screen you may have to pull down on the scroll bar that appears on the right side of the Main Menu navigation window to see more than the first 10 or 20 selection.


In Netscape, click mouse in frame you want to print, then:

  • Set File/Page Setup to:
    • print black text
    • not to print backgrounds
  • Select File/Print Frame
Internet Explorer, click mouse in frame you want to print, then:
  • Select File/Print Preview
  • Change 
      • "As laid out on  screen" 
        "Only the selected frame"
  • Select Print from the Print Preview Screen