Stormy Lake Movies on YouTube

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  • Michael's Fail
  • Stormy Dam
  • Merganzers feeding
  • Canoeing with Merganzers
  • A thrash of Merganzers exercising 
  • Cessna Take Off 
  • Momma Loon and Chick 
  • Momma Loon Fishing 
  • Ice Fishing 
  • Hummingbird in slow motion 120fps 
  • Hummingbird in super slow motion 240fps 
  • Amazing Loon Show 
  • Cessna Taking Off 
  • Skidder Bouncing 
  • Diving Mink 
  • Foggy Morning 
  • Foggy Cottage
  • Ice Breaking
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    Here is a good one to watch with your grandchildren
    The Land That Made Me

    A simpler and more effective CPR method
    Continuous Chest Compression CPR