Privacy Policy

This page describes the Stormy Lake Association's (SLA) privacy policy and explains the limitations of what is done with the personal information collected from members. 

The information will be used as follows:

1. To contact you in case of an emergency regarding your Stormy Lake property such as fire, flooding and water damage, break ins, wind damage or or problems with loose or sinking water craft.

2. To keep you informed about issues related to the SLA and of interest to Stormy Lake property owners. 

Your privacy is very important to us. The Stormy Lake Association is committed to protecting and respecting your privacy. You can be assured of the following:

1. Member information will not be published, distributed or otherwise shared with third parties unless it is in the interest of the members and approved by the SLA executive. Members who never want their information divulged to third parties in any circumstance can make this request on their membership form or in writing at any time.

2. We will only send you emails about Stormy Lake related issues. If you are receiving emails from us and you would like them stopped just send an email to the WebMaster with Take Me Off Your Email List.

3. The SLA will not display member's email addresses or phone numbers on the web site. Surnames will not be displayed in text format web pages and documents. Surnames may be displayed in pdf format documents. 

Stormy Lake Association reserves the right to change this policy at any time by revising this privacy policy page on and noting the change on the What's New page. 

You can e-mail the WebMaster with any questions and suggestions.