Stormy Lake Wildlife Sightings
Some pictures are larger than shown.
  • June 2000 broke into shed on Nestle Tail for strawberry stem garbage
  • June 2001 two cubs seen twice in back yards on Nestle Trail
  • 8pm 10jul01 mother ? 3 cubs crossed the highway near Skyline Park
  • Sept. 2001 bear and deer electrocuted and cremated near Nestle Trail
  • May 2003 mid morning a mother ? 3 cubs crossed Alsop near beaver pond
  • 10pm 25Sep03 a juvenile crossed the highway near Skyline Park
  • May 2004 - got a mid day picture (left) right beside Glamorgan Road
  • Bat Can be seen any evening skimming across the lake catching bugs. 
    Beaver Several lodges around the lake. Usually seen late evening or early morning.
    Chipmunk Friendly little guys that love peanuts. Can train you to hand feed them. Sometimes too friendly. Can get under foot.
    Birds Blue Jays, Chickodees, Crows, Great Blue Herons, Flickers, Nuthatches, Owls, Ravens, Eagles, Wild Turkeys, Woodpeckers.
    Coyote Three coyotes seen on Nestle Trail at appoximately 4 p.m. September 23, 2003
    Deer Often seen on any road in the evening and nights. Your headlights blind and confuse them so, in their panic, they are likely to jump into your path rather than into the bush.
    A young deer grazing too close to Glamorgan Road at Ursa Rd

    A young deer in the woods just off Nestle Trail
    Merganzer Ducks nest on Stormy Lake

    Common Yellow Eye pass through in November.

    Fisher Twice seen on Alsop Road. Looked just like a black cat except it had a bulbous end to its tail.
    Fox Lots seen - mostly rabid.
    Frogs ? Toads Many different varieties including Leopard Frogs and the Tree Frogs. The most impressive are the Bull Frogs. They are big, but they sound bigger - listen to one by clicking here
    A little one

    A big one

    Groundhog or Woodchuck
    Baby Groundhog on Stairs
    Loons In June 2002 we saw two loons chicks on the lake. We watched them grow, learn to dive, and fly. Click the picture below to read the whole story.

    2007 - nesting on the island in June
    2006 - two chicks, one disappeared
    2005 - two chicks, one disappeared
    2004 - two chicks, one disappeared

    Lost Baby 
    Gozzling Loon westbound down the center of Alsop Road. Its legs are so far back it can't really walk so it hoppled (hopped, hobbled and flopped) along the road stopping to issue a weak pathetic cry for its Mom.
    Lynx have been seen recently. Their screech can be heard at night.
    This mole was run over by a car. It is pictured on a badminton racket.
    Click the picture to see a close up of its front foot.
    Click for close up, BACK to return
  • Two foraging on Glamorgan Rd north of Alsop 6pm Apr 26,2007 
  • Cow and two calves on Nestle Trail November 2004
  • Galloping along Alsop Road at 5:30 A.M. June 17, 2003 
  • Swimming in the arm Monday morning May 24, 1999

  • Albino moose have also been spotted in the area.

    Otter (River)

  • 08jun07 one turned around and looked back at me before it dove under my neighbours boat just as I took the lower left picture. 
  • 18sep06 two adults and three young came across the late. Made a bird like sound as they talked to eachother. 
  • 30apr05 talked to a lone otter bobbing down the lake about 50 feet from shore.
  • 14apr02 while doing the annual repairs to the water line two large seal-like creatures emerged from between the ice and shore to avoid the water intake (which was probably emitting vibrations into the lake because the pump was running at the time) hoppled (cross between hopped and hobbled) quickly over land about 15meters, then went back into the lake and disappeared under the ice again. They were about the size of a medium sized dog. Thick round tails, sleek short nearly black hair, long whiskers.
  • Owls Hoot Owls can be heard almost every night.
    Slow moving, frequent, road kill, occassionally seen live sometimes under cottages, this one made it across the road.


    Normally only seen at night, except for the wierd one on the right

    Click here to see a picture of 5 baby racoons
    Reptiles Garter snakes often sun themselves on rocks. Small (15cm long) black snakes with an orange ring around the neck can sometimes be seen under rocks as well as various lizard like creatures. One of the more interesting ones is pictured below.
    The turtle below crawled out of the swamp, probably to lay eggs in the roadside gravel. They get really big. This is a medium sized one. You can see my shoe print in the sand behind it.

    The big one below has a neck much larger than the 10cm (4")
    long leaves of the Water Shield plant it is eating!

    Swans Believe it or not, there is a pair of white swans, Percy and Mary, in the town of Gooderham.
    Squirrels Red Squirrels are common and can be annoying with their grating early morning chatter.

    Flying Squirrels are rarely seen. 
    This baby came out of a tree being cut down.

    Turkeys Wild turkeys have made a come back. They can be seen and heard often.
    A howling pack can often be heard on a moonlit night.
    Late 2006 I had a brief glimpse of one as it crossed Alsop Road and again in early 2007 crossing Glamorgan Road just south of Stormy Lake Road. Its body was dark with a tan stripe down the side. Heavy-set body and short legs.
    Woodpeckers Several sizes and varieties of woodpeckers can be seen daily. In the early spring and late fall you may be lucky enough to see large and impressive Paleated Woodpecker.